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So I have really a problem with myself due to my fault, if I did something wrong for the community

I know why I'm the worst artist ( person ) ever for EDM and Art communications ever people hate me so much and don't want to see my new works in the future. Also, EDM artists and fans won't want to see me in the future if I'm not professional in making songs or art, I don't know what I did in my account due to wrong content or don't want to see me because it's too much trash and not interesting in my content. I know and saw that people start to unfollow me for no reason on tiktok, twitter, newgrounds and instagram, and you unfollow me too if you really have no interest in my work so much and me.

I made a special plan for myself it's when Noyokamo shut down in coming soon and I don't want to make more in the future next time and make people happy or not (I don't care for it). Why I want to kill myself? if you think I'm making a stupid idea to quit my life? Because I don't want to go forward to continue my success, don't want to talk to someone the coolest artist, and have forgotten this wrong artist on the internet. If you want then I don't kill myself and change myself to continue making what I like? I DON'T STOP THIS! I just want to stop making more work for everyone who hates me and won't miss me forever, because I suck with my masterpiece.

I don't want to change my life and waiting for Christmas day so long I don't want to live forever. I really don't care what my friends, family and fans will be crying and disappointed if I am not here in this world. Everyone is not at fault, It's my fault for a shameful small artists.


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Beat the game without dying

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Get 12 red coins in one game

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Defeat Tom's Backup Plan

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