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Noyokamo's News

Posted by Noyokamo - April 17th, 2023

So I have really a problem with myself due to my fault, if I did something wrong for the community

I know why I'm the worst artist ( person ) ever for EDM and Art communications ever people hate me so much and don't want to see my new works in the future. Also, EDM artists and fans won't want to see me in the future if I'm not professional in making songs or art, I don't know what I did in my account due to wrong content or don't want to see me because it's too much trash and not interesting in my content. I know and saw that people start to unfollow me for no reason on tiktok, twitter, newgrounds and instagram, and you unfollow me too if you really have no interest in my work so much and me.

I made a special plan for myself it's when Noyokamo shut down in coming soon and I don't want to make more in the future next time and make people happy or not (I don't care for it). Why I want to kill myself? if you think I'm making a stupid idea to quit my life? Because I don't want to go forward to continue my success, don't want to talk to someone the coolest artist, and have forgotten this wrong artist on the internet. If you want then I don't kill myself and change myself to continue making what I like? I DON'T STOP THIS! I just want to stop making more work for everyone who hates me and won't miss me forever, because I suck with my masterpiece.

I don't want to change my life and waiting for Christmas day so long I don't want to live forever. I really don't care what my friends, family and fans will be crying and disappointed if I am not here in this world. Everyone is not at fault, It's my fault for a shameful small artists.


Posted by Noyokamo - March 31st, 2023

Good evening, I want to talk about what I want to finish my life and work in this year.

I know that everyone doesn't interest in my song and art and I see musicians, artists, and people unfollowing me on every social media that I don't post with my activity and also posted something wrong content that people won't see my new every post. I see my song 'n' art that no one likes or reposts to carry my activity on the internet, people don't want to see new posts from me next time after seeing my profile that my content is cringe and not good, also my English is really broken if you think it's confusing and can't understand. I can't understand why musicians don't support me for the future because I'm so bad at my song and awful looking an example: of myself and my content, I feel worthless to show my talent to everyone, and no one to be grateful for me. I see everyone continue to unfollow me every week and every month to stop supporting my talent and no one needs me due to inactivity ( I guess ) and being an awful artist ever ( It's me, yet ).

I made it special for everyone to make me happy when I gave up my talented work and left my life from the world so I don't need to ask about my problems and what I want to make me better in my life. I disliked myself and my life so much for everyone doesn't like me in the world, I know why everyone always staring at me in real life and they thought to why I'm here due to everyone talking to others that to don't need, understand and hates me so much from my school and other places that I was. I just really want to end my life, but later in December when I finish doing my work this year.

I have a question for you about this, are you happy when I will disappear or don't?

Also thanks for reading and sorry for breaking my English, I trying to write and use Grammarly to better understand.


Posted by Noyokamo - March 2nd, 2023






Apologies for not showing DIY Noyo from myself.


Posted by Noyokamo - November 2nd, 2022



Posted by Noyokamo - November 1st, 2022

Thanks for who rating and viewed my work in October, but I'm really sadness for who don't liked my drawings ;w;


So what's your favorite one and why?


Posted by Noyokamo - September 15th, 2022

Yo, Sorry for being lazy in my activities

I have good news for it, I ready for drawing my art with new sketchbook and uploading six social media, everyday in octember. Also I have balck gel pen and marker to draw my stuff, trying being better drawing my masterpiece

Ok, so I hope you enjoy and like my work!

Avalialbe my drawing in VK, Newgrounds, twitter, devianart, tiktok and Instagram!


NOTE FOR NG MODERATION AND STAFF: Please, don't delete my inkober art for photo, My work is NOT illustrator art, I just taking picture and uploading work. please bro, peace

Thanks for reading my mini news, see you a new post!



Posted by Noyokamo - August 14th, 2022

Yo what's up guys, It's me Noyokamo!

Yesterday, I was my birthday and everyone celebrates me. And I made big surprise and future updates for me...

Today, we have a birthday updates to make thing in future ( yeah yeah you know ), my brain is now FRICKIN don't know what I talking and addind something my updates lol, So here's a big update and little news..,

  1. DIY NOYO IN COMING TO REAL LIFE!!! | yeah yeah my ideas must to make my cosplay. I gotta to making funny bot with cardboard, I buying black hoodie to putting my diamond logo like my art noyo. Why you don't make normal noyo? ( you giving me questions ), Me answering I don't have money to buy perfect LED working mask and metal need to make gloves and helmet. I later show you my work, when I finished.
  2. New account in tiktok | second account? nah, I want creating another one account tiktok and it's gaming channel! I will post about gaming and mobile stuff ( someone edit, exe and other ). Noyokamo gaming is coming to 25th sempteber on the tiktok!
  3. BIO about me of music producers | yeah, I claimed spotify for artist to become artist to uploadind songs. I just want to making BIO for spotify, websites and other sites.
  4. Noyokamo-chan? | umm, yeah I fully have idea to making new oc for my birthday. So I introduce everyone, who ready what if Noyokamo have a chan, Don't forget respect her.
  5. New banner for social media | Trying making banner with cardboard, when DIY NOYO becoming cosplay idk.
  6. Website update | trying to remaking story of noyokamo and adding new stuff.
  7. Discord Server update | Rename my server, removing stuff and updating roles and rules. later

and that's it yeah, I hope you understand, see you in next thing!

Oh heres link about noyokamo-chan who don't saw it

~Noyokamo 🖤


Posted by Noyokamo - April 7th, 2022

What's up guys, It's Noyokamo back again!

Sorry for the late and lazy planning new update. So I just want to talk about what's I have new upgrade to make better me, Something new for the server, website, and others (yeah yeah, you haven't heard that), Alright here's the update that I LATER do this.

  1. Music Update - That's right, the music producer is BACK! For 1st year I don't make something riddim, phonk, beat and more... Trying thinking of ideas to make new songs, making the album cover, something need help to support my work ( yeah yeah ) And trying to upload my song to something label. I hope you just rate, like, repost and share my song.
  2. Website - BETA is now closed, Fixing and adding something: remake STORY OF NOYOKAMO, Music launcher will open with ONLY demo song, restyle my website, portfolio, new page, and random thing.
  3. Discord Server - Rename my server from Noyokamo Stars to Noyo's Cool House, adding a foreign channel, New rules, putting things in order.
  4. New art style - Thinking ideas to new style things like cartoons and anime ( y'know ): eyes make clean and beautiful, perfect body, shape head, shadow 'n' light and MORE! ( Trying to draw things is just a pretty little harder ) So do you think is this news is good?
  5. Other link Update - New style, New links, Rename things, and New stuff
  6. Other Updates - New banner for me and my group, fixing my VK group, fixing my profile on other social media, upgrading my gaming youtube channel, trying learning making games from scratch and something more.

And that's it, If you have a question about the update? write the comments! I hope you understand, see you in next thing!

~Noyokamo 🖤



Posted by Noyokamo - November 15th, 2021

I made a server for chatting, showing programming content and also studying! ( If I think)

Also, my game can be uploaded on my account, I later thought of ideas for making games. :)

I hope who joining my game dev or programming server! And it's called Noyodev's pub!




Posted by Noyokamo - September 26th, 2021

Hello, This is Noyokamo

I have my Inktober prompts for challenging in this octember, first time. I want drawing my inking work to upload in Twitter, Instagram and Newgrounds, everyday. I hope you like my work in octember with fanart, just art and halloween stuff!

V Heres picture V


NOTE FOR NG MODERATION AND STAFF: Please, don't delete my inkober art for photo, My work is NOT illustrator art, I just taking picture and uploading work. please bro, peace

Thanks for reading my mini news, see you a new post!