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Noyokamo's News

Posted by Noyokamo - May 2nd, 2020

Me in Wonder of wonder art

I'm dancing with Miku's song

Wanna see? Click here to see!

Posted by Noyokamo - April 12th, 2020

Hiya my friend, Noyokamo is here!

I want to say you this news, what's new update?

Let's take a look at something strange of things, you know what I drew using the touchpad, but you think that this tool is very difficult to draw. I did not buy anything the cheapest graphic tablet to connect a computer to draw with a pen and make it clear or beauty (probably). I made the first music, but there are There's a lot of elements off beat called you know in audio, I will need to quantize everything to a clear sound and watch the tutorial on how to do this music from the EDM genres.

I am not dead, I was on the school Internet in the house and solved the notebook and sent to the group this week. I'm not an American, you know.

And so what's next in Noyokamo and the new multi-artist

List About New Update is coming


-Creating Artist family (but it's Multi-artist)

-Showing Noyokamo's artist

-Buiding website and Discord server

-Comment in my work (ONLY ENGLISH!!!)

-NukillCloud is here

-Continue to more create an OC

-Coming to New music in NG, I don't have credit card and paypal for buying SoundCloud PRO

-Upgrade remix cyber water?

-??? (😳)

Here is the list of updates coming soon next week after the holiday Easter eggs

NukillCloud in NewGrounds? Yes, It's here! check out This profile in link here, Please DON'T BAN THIS PROFILE!

I will come up with something new character

THX for reading!



Posted by Noyokamo - February 29th, 2020

  1. English 🇬🇧🇺🇸: February
  2. Russian/Русский 🇷🇺: Февраль
  3. Spanish/Español 🇲🇽🇪🇸: Febrero
  4. Portuguese/Português 🇵🇹: Fevereiro
  5. Kazakh/қазақ 🇰🇿: Ақпан
  6. German/Deutsche 🇩🇪: Februar
  7. Dutch/Nederlands 🇳🇱: Februari
  8. Japanese/日本語 🇯🇵: 2月
  9. Korean/한국어 🇰🇷: 이월
  10. Chinese/中文 🇨🇳: 二月
  11. Ukrainian/Українська 🇺🇦: Лютий
  12. French/Français 🇫🇷: Février
  13. Arabic/عربى 🇦🇪: شهر فبراير
  14. Sweden/Svenska 🇸🇪: Februari
  15. Italian/Italiano 🇮🇹: Febbraio
  16. Finnish/Suomalainen 🇫🇮: Helmikuu
  17. Greek/Ελληνικά 🇬🇷: Φεβρουάριος
  18. Polish/Polskie 🇵🇱: Luty
  19. Estonian/Eestlane 🇪🇪: Veebruaril
  20. Latvian/Latvietis 🇱🇻: Februāris
  21. Lithuanian/Lietuvis 🇱🇹: Vasario mėn
  22. Hawaiian/Ōlelo Hawaiʻi [???]: Pepeluali
  23. Hindi/हिंदी 🇮🇳: फरवरी
  24. Hebrew/עברית 🇮🇱: פברואר
  25. Nepali/नेपाली 🇳🇵: फेब्रुअरी
  26. Turkish/Türk 🇹🇷: Şubat
  27. Czech/čeština 🇨🇿: Únor
  28. Georgian/ქართული 🇬🇪: თებერვალი
  29. Bulgarian/български 🇧🇬: февруари

[Happy Leap day | Счастливого високосного дня | Feliz día bisiesto | Feliz dia do pulo | Күнің құтты болсын | Glücklicher Schalttag | Happy Leap-dag | 幸せなうるう日 | 행복한 도약의 날 | Le日快樂 | Щасливий стрибок день | يوم قفزة سعيد | Buona giornata salta | Hyvää karkauspäivää | Szczęśliwy dzień przestępny | Head hüppepäeva | Laimīgu lēciena dienu | Laimingo šuolio diena | Hauʻoli Leap lā | हैप्पी लीप डे | יום קפיצה שמח | खुसीको दिन | Böküş güni gutly bolsun | Böküş güni gutly bolsun | Šťastný skokový den |ბედნიერი ნახტომი დღე | Честит скок ден]




Posted by Noyokamo - February 13th, 2020

You: Can you draw valentine's Day art?

Me: no, thank you! I just drawing my new character with ref to upload it! ['w']

Posted by Noyokamo - December 8th, 2019

Hello there, Nikita is here for beginner!

Yes, this is noyokamo, I wanted to tell you something

you went to my profile, I myself added my favorite things (for example: art, films and games) I didn’t publish anything the first art, because I didn’t draw anything and there’s no music ready for soundcloud and newgrounds

Don’t worry, maybe tomorrow I will draw my drawing and publish it

If you want to join me, Follow to me now!

Do you want to listen to my favorite music? then click this link here to visit my profile through soundcloud

Well, I finished telling in the small news, bye bye!