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Should I kill myself?

Posted by Noyokamo - March 31st, 2023

Good evening, I want to talk about what I want to finish my life and work in this year.

I know that everyone doesn't interest in my song and art and I see musicians, artists, and people unfollowing me on every social media that I don't post with my activity and also posted something wrong content that people won't see my new every post. I see my song 'n' art that no one likes or reposts to carry my activity on the internet, people don't want to see new posts from me next time after seeing my profile that my content is cringe and not good, also my English is really broken if you think it's confusing and can't understand. I can't understand why musicians don't support me for the future because I'm so bad at my song and awful looking an example: of myself and my content, I feel worthless to show my talent to everyone, and no one to be grateful for me. I see everyone continue to unfollow me every week and every month to stop supporting my talent and no one needs me due to inactivity ( I guess ) and being an awful artist ever ( It's me, yet ).

I made it special for everyone to make me happy when I gave up my talented work and left my life from the world so I don't need to ask about my problems and what I want to make me better in my life. I disliked myself and my life so much for everyone doesn't like me in the world, I know why everyone always staring at me in real life and they thought to why I'm here due to everyone talking to others that to don't need, understand and hates me so much from my school and other places that I was. I just really want to end my life, but later in December when I finish doing my work this year.

I have a question for you about this, are you happy when I will disappear or don't?

Also thanks for reading and sorry for breaking my English, I trying to write and use Grammarly to better understand.



No you shouldn’t

No!! Although you don't really see it, there are people out there who care about you. I haven't even checked out any of your content yet, but I'm sure that there is a reason for you to live. Please don't kill yourself, a lot of your fans will be disappointed :(

Just keep doing what you do best, and hope that people like me get entertained by it. Since you're older than I am, I might actually look up to you

No. I've been suicidal at multiple points in my life and 100% of the time it gets better. If you have someone to talk to irl then I would definitely suggest talking to them, or do what you can to find someone to talk to, whether it be a therapist or otherwise.

hey! this is the first time i saw your acc but dont! you shouldnt kill yourself!!! even when everything is going downhill, dont hurt yourself over it!! i dont know you, you dont know me but still!
dont kill yourself. i know its hard, but please.

No. Do not kill yourself. Think of the people who support you.

I don't, sorry

nooooooooo it doesn't matter if people hate it just dont do that you have a whole life a head so dont waste it please your the best