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I'm not dead, APII is here and not only!

Posted by Noyokamo - September 9th, 2020

Hello everyone and newgrounder, Noyokamo is here!

I finally made 3 memes song remixes with genres.

[Glitch hop]

[Hard Bass / Trap]

And finally

[Future House / Future Bounce]

[Here you can listening, Don't forget rate only 3.5 to 5 stars y'know and Don't let my work with scores down, I saw my APII have 2.48 score is so bad for me]

Today I show you, what I was made remixes on summer? I just thinking and trying to making idea with astronomia, but later after finish mada Wide Putin with hard bass and trap. So I just writin song for denise's melody for Hard bass and Trap, I thinking to Hard Bass with stock pluckin is so simply in great music and Trap is so finished trap, but I just Beginner (y'know) to making this gerne drop with also sound police siren sound. In intro I made Piano song to donk, vocal from maxim with russian and english and boom my wp remix is just done! Next up, I made APII with glitch hop, I writed melody from 8-bit guitar 'n' lead, Also I made two new lead for remixes astronomia for second drop. I made growls dubstep with harmor, But I don't steal other idea, I just attempting making simply growls with effects and this sound like a bass house, after first drop with two lead to I writed melody with second growls It's Dubstep lead from Harmor! I don't forget sound with bass guitar by sytrus, automation, vocal, 3xocs, effects and pitch in my work glitch hop and just pretty done, right now. And finally song from chinese eggman, I thinking two remixes xue hua piao piao from artist made it, composerily made future bass and miraie made with future funk, dnb 'n' trap. And me making future house and future bounce with only stock plugin, I writed good melody with free erhu vst (It's called Mini erhu) and koto (DSK World StringZ, but have this japanese intruments). I don't forget again to add lead, vocal, chinese sing vocal (But I made high pitch!), bass, piano, drums, pad, hats, effects 'n' automation, I made my work is done, then listening final results and saved with mp3. So yeah I just finally done!

[Please, don't block me, I don't steal. I just watched tutorial video with stock plugin!]

Sorry I just Beginnier to using with stock plugin and free VST, I don't have money to buy nice serum, vst, splice, Fruity Loops Full version and Also Soundcloud Pro with Unlimited upload.

Oh yeah, check out my gift art for @pecheneg!

⬇️click here 'n' don't forget rate my work (y'know, I said)⬇️

Alright, That's it!

Thanks for Reading, Don't forget follow me on twitter, instagram, soundcloud and Newgrounds for new post!

See ya next time!




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